How to Use Bold Boulders and Fake Rocks in Landscaping


Transforming the back yard into a place where homeowners are comfortable spending time in their own oasis or entertaining guests can be put together in a variety of ways. Using outdoor building materials to enhance a garden, pathway or spa area creates a unique and comfortable atmosphere. Among the materials that are used as a foundation, boulders and rocks are commonly used in outdoor landscaping plans. While instinct may request nature-made rock and boulder landscaping elements, practicality steps in and offers the man-made variety. These fake rocks and boulders look authentic, and they do not have some of the harsh realities of natural materials.

Size and Weight
Real boulders are impossibly heavy and extremely difficult to move. They require special handling and usually involve hiring landscape companies with heavy duty trucks, back loaders and other special equipment. In addition, a fair amount of manpower is required to get the material to the landscape site and set it in place. The larger the boulder, the costlier the project. A single large size real boulder can cost hundreds of dollars.

Appearance and Cost
There are some realistic and natural looking fake boulder products on the market today. They are cast from real boulders and have all the markings, colors and feel of the real thing. The collections are diverse. They are offered not only in various sizes and colors, but also by rock type and geographic region where they would be found if they were authentic.

With the choices available, a natural and realistic grouping can be designed and set in place by a decorator or homeowner. Nearly any able bodied person can lift and carry a fake boulder to any location in the garden or anywhere else on the property. When placed in the garden, they appear natural and are not recognizable as fakes. Guests will think they are the real thing.

Water Features
These pieces also work well with water. Take it a step further and create a boulder-scape with a garden fountain for effect. Surround the water feature with more fake rocks and boulders for a more realistic look, or create a running stream or surround a pond with these unusual elements.

These imitations come in a variety of sizes and color variations, just like the real ones. Because they are easily moved, gardens can be rearranged to fit a space. Change the look, move boulders until the desired effect is reached. More boulders can be easily purchased and shipped direct to the site. No unusual equipment is required.

Not only are fake boulders well suited for landscaping projects, some models are designed to cover well heads, pumps and other man made distractions that spoil a natural scene. No one will ever know what’s under the boulder except the person that put it there. They can be discretely placed in plant groupings and flower beds for accent that might help the appearance of the landscape. Use them for property border markers or driveway edging. They can make a dramatic and bold statement on the property.

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