The best 5 pets for kids

Pets, the cuddly little tame animals every parent wants their child to grow up having so as to be a responsible and social human being. One of the ways to achieve this is by giving them responsibilities, not the usual mow the lawn or clean the dishes type of responsibility. Pets have proven to be one of the ways to make kids into sociable and caring people in society. However, one should be careful on the pet they choose to give the child, that is why we will be giving you a list of the best pets for kids just to be safe.

So lets look at the top five pets for kids:
1) Puppies
This is the most obvious one. Dogs dubbed “man’s best friend” is the best companion for a growing kid. Puppies are very social, attach easily to someone, they require care since they are young and child-friendly. They come in different species like for example The Beagle, The Golden Retriever, The Bull Dog, The Collie just but to name a few. Giving a child a puppy as a responsibility can be of benefit to both the parent and the child. The child learns the value of forming a relationship with another being. The parent also does not have to worry so much when they are not around since the puppy when grown can guard the kid.

2) Goldfish
Goldfish or fish, in general, can be really good pets. However, their cost of maintenance is high for example they require special fish food and keeping the fish aquarium up, and running could cost quite a dime.Giving kids fish as a pet has a lot of advantages, for example, it teaches kids qualities like discipline because with fish if not looked after regularly and with care, the fish dies. The child also gets to learn time keeping since fish are fed at daily specific times of the day. Fish are also not messy creatures; they do not have a mess to clean after.

They are cute and child-friendly since they are not usually aggressive creatures unless when provoked. Cats like to be held and rubbed. Their kittens can be playful, so the child will most likely not be bored. They also connect with the child so that the child will know the value of relationships having had first-hand experience. They will encourage the child to be responsible since he/she will be in charge of taking care of it.

This is a little-known fact, but tortoises make one of the best pets. They have along lifespan, so the child will grow up knowing it hence the child will have an appreciation for long relationships. They are easy to take care of since they do not need to be walked, just fed and their cages cleaned.

These furry little creatures bond with the person taking care of them, which makes them a good choice for a pet, though they need constant care. They also have a long lifespan but not as long tortoises.

So there you go above is the list of the best five pets for kids, choose wisely for your kids.

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